Marketing and communication consulting

  • Developing a fully fledged marketing strategy with full action plan focusing on entering the market. Most important elements are: elaborating the players of the market, precise analysis of the competition (defining competitors, and realising their aims and strategies).
  • Positioning and/or repositioning of a new/old product or brand. Based on the newly developed marketing strategy, we create a new communication platform as well.
  • Developing new products and services, creating their launch campaigns. It requires a thorough knowledge and understanding of the market.
  • Portfolio strategy (definition, analysis, optimisation). The aim is to develop the most successful product palette for our clients.
  • Designing and creating the most effective means of communication; in case of a promotion is also includes its organisation. (sms-sending systems, hostess activity)
  • Creating a corporate identity and/or image of your brand, improving an existing image.

Export improving consulting service

  • Our export improving consulting service answers the needs of the Hungarian small business sector. More and more enterprizes are able and want to enter into the markets of other countries – and the marketing and economic environment tries to motivate them (with tenders). The Hungarian brands, products and services are very competitive, there are many resources available here, so it’s a sensible move from the enterprises to search for foreign markets, partners and customers.

R & D innovation project development consulting

  • We provide R & D and innovation project development consulting to small and medium-sized companies that have innovative and significant development potential. Our goal is to enhance the effectiveness and success of these companies' research and development results and their participation in developement programs. Our services include consulting and local support for EU development funds.


White Rabbit – with its export improving consulting service – helps its partners to achieve a successful and competitive international presence by offering:​

A.) Complex corporate strategy:  Strategic consulting for enterprises: the most important task is to define the corporate aims and the means they are required to achieve. The main steps are:

  • Strategic analysis: • external environment (economic, legal, political, social, technological…etc.) • industrial (competition, customers, suppliers, regulation stb.) • internal resources (products, human resources, applied technology, K+F potencial, financial possibilities…etc.) • Key success factors (KSF) definition • risk analysis
  • Strategic planning: • mission and future formation • long-term goals definition • defining tools, which are required to reach goals, planning how to use tools • resource allocation
  • Formation of operational, realising plan • detailed, measurable plan targets (KPI, scorecard) • milestone • responsibility • action plan
  • Continuous feedback • follow-up realization • defining and realizing necessary corrections

B.) Marketing strategy: It defines the price, the marketing channels, the positioning of a certain product that a given enterprise wants to intorduce into a foreign market. The four phases of this process are:

  • Market research
  • Positioning
  • Creating the brand message
  • Devising the creative concept and communication strategy



We provided corporate strategy and marketing strategy consultancy to Pilis '91 Ltd. regarding the appearance on foreign markets with liquor products. In addition we designed marketing communication materials, corporate identity and we also planned, organized and executed appearance on foreign trade fairs helping the company's Chinese market access.
We provided tender consultancy and corporate and marketing strategy consultancy to Lemanit Ltd. supporting its foreign market penetration within the framework of the GOPP333 program. We designed marketing communication materials, corporate identity, we shot a reference film, planned and executed a foreign online campaign.
We provided tender consultancy and corporate and marketing strategy consultancy to Electool Ltd. supporting its foreign market penetration within the framework of the GOPP333 program. We designed marketing communication materials and prepared short films supporting sales facilities.
We provided corporate and marketing strategy consultancy and market research to Haász Ltd. supporting its foreign market penetration. We designed corporate identity, marketing communication materials and we prepared reference films for professionals and for consumers as well.
Our marketing strategy for Lipton was to strengthen the leading role of the brand in the EU by increasing its local customer base. The innovative use of online communication ("Design your mug" application) tried to focus on the brand's innovative nature. We created a promotion including all creative materials, and we took part in its managing and organising process as well.
Our brief was to develop a marketing strategy to help the brand enter the European markets; to create all creative materials and organise a promotion. First we defined the exact place and role of MOGYI in those markets and located the competitive edge between the competitors. After that we chose the appropriate form of communication by creating a mediamix that made the brand's position even stronger.
Our first project was to develop a positioning strategy of Chateau Kossuth, creating their complete brand and portfolio strategy. Due to the trust of our client, later we could build up the whole brand image, including the wine label designs. We also created all the necessary communication materials to break into the Chinese market (website, leaflets, stall design for the Chinese wine fair).
Our responsibility was to introduce 2HA Winery to the European market. We started this with the positioning of the brand and creating its image. The stepping stones were the package design and the wine labels, the assessment of foreign markets, and the creative materials (print ads, flyers).